Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Free Lunch!

Qdoba is taking the Chicago area by storm and offering free lunch for 'Lil Foodies ages 12 and under at their newest location on March 19!

Check out Qdoba's online food allergen menu and stop in to see us if you'll be in the Lincoln Park neighborhood next month.

Hope you can join us!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Camp Tag

Summer Camp registration for my kids occurs this weekend! This will be the second year we have participated in the YMCA program offered through my daughter's school and I have no doubt it will once again be an awesome experience. For food allergy families living near Joliet IL, Philadelphia PA, or Sandy Spring MD, you have some other exciting summer camp options this year thanks to FAAN and their new program, Camp Tag.

Camp TAG is a 5-day, half-day camp for ages 3-12 that will launch in summer 2011. It will provide a safe place for children with food allergies and their siblings to have fun with no worries about having an allergic reaction, as well as give them an opportunity to meet other children who share the same conditions and know they are not alone.

While these locations are a tad bit too far for our family to participate this year, we wish all participants great success!