Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ebook Awesomeness

Two years ago my husband bought me a Nook Color for Christmas. I must admit, it took me awhile to figure out all of its bells and whistles. I downloaded a few novels and children’s books at first, but still resorted to my standby paperbacks, especially during beach and bathtime reading. (E-reader + water and/or sand = bad idea.)

Then one year ago, my Dad bought my kids each a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Let’s just say, it did not take them awhile to figure out all of its bells and whistles. They LOVE their Kindles and not just for games and movies, but for (who knew?) READING BOOKS. Narrated and/or interactive ebooks & apps are especially great for my 6-year-old, who enjoys a good story, but is not yet a strong, fluent reader.

Forbes magazine recently published an article that supports the consumer activity occurring in our home as of late, reporting that ebook purchases continue to outnumber traditional print. And while I will personally always prefer hard cover picture books to their electronic counterparts, I strongly believe there is a place for both. (Especially on vacation, where I recently downloaded five lengthy novels that required a miniscule amount of space in my suitcase.)

In light of this growing new trend, I am extremely excited to be bringing The BugaBees to the eUniverse very soon! We have been working hard to bring Cricket and the gang to life for both iPad and Android users alike. Traditional ebook and interactive apps based on the book are now in production which means a downloadable version of The BugaBees is in your near future. My kids love the beta (and not just because their cute little voices are part of the narration!) I hope yours will love the app too. Stay tuned for when it becomes available!