Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review: The Sick Bug

For those of us living in colder climates, the seasonal sneezes, sniffles and flu bugs are all unfortunately still alive and well. As such, it is my pleasure to take this timely opportunity to give props to my friend and fellow children's writer, Susie Bazil, author of the adorable book, The Sick Bug. In this delightful award-winning story, little Tess doesn't feel well. When her Mom says she has ''a bug,'' Tess becomes concerned, believing that she may have an actual insect inside her body. Mom goes on to clarify that Tess's type of bug is a ''sick bug,'' and she gives fun and imaginative descriptions of the creatures, explains how they affect a little one's body, and, most importantly, advises how to get rid of them.

This awesome book is definitely a favorite at our house and a highly recommended read for any family with young children! Susie will be among the children's authors featured at the upcoming Midwest Kids Fest on February 13 & 14th in St. Paul, Minnesota. Stop by the Beavers Pond Press booth where she will be signing and selling books at 20% off. (She'll also be happy to sell you a BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies book at the same discount!)

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