Friday, August 6, 2010

Epi Keys

Hey! Here is something really cool that I am excited about: The Epinephrine Key. TCB Medical recently introduced a new epinephrine auto-injector to replace the bigger and bulkier pen-shaped injectors currently available. Designed by an allergist to be a small, portable device that attaches to a keychain, your epiniphrine goes everywhere your keys go, and is more likely to be available for emergency use when the need arises.

The Epinephrine Key injector is also much more user friendly than pen shaped auto-injectors. Once the cap is removed, the safety buttons can be depressed and the device can be activated by compressing the tip against the leg in one fluid motion. This design significantly reduces the risk of improper injections into the thumb which can cause further problems in an already stressful situation.

The Epi Key is not yet available, but a fully functioning prototype has been developed and is in the testing phases. TCB Medical Devices expects fast-track approval through the FDA, meaning the Epinephrine Key could be on the market and available to allergy patients in as little as four months. Read more about it here.

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  1. This sounds awesome!!! Hopefully it will be available soon.