Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gimbal's Candies

I'm always on the lookout for good, food allergy friendly treats, and with Halloween just around the corner, I am very excited to be offering Gimbal's Candies at a few upcoming BugaBees events this month!

With products like Gourmet Jelly Beans, Cherry Lovers and Honey Lovers Fruit Chews, Gimbal's candies are produced in a facility that is completely free of peanuts, tree nuts, egg, gluten, soy and dairy. (And fish and shellfish too.) Not only are they safe for kids with any and all of the Top 8 food allergens, they are also gelatin and trans fat free. Most importantly, they are YUMMY.

To sample a few of these tasty treats, stop by Oompa Toys in Middleton, WI on Saturday, Oct. 23rd from 2 to 4PM or Flourish Studios in Chicago, IL on Saturday 30th from 10 AM to Noon. And don't forget to wear your costumes!! We hope to see you there.


  1. Hi Amy - I've tried this brand a few times. I really appreciate how safe they are for my daughter who is allergic to eggs/milk and peanuts. However, I find some of the gourmet flavors to be too strong for our family...

    The good news, though, is that I had an opportunity to try some of the sweet flavors - like those cherry and honey flavors - at the MN Food Allergy Resource fair (where you and I met for the first time). We LOVED them - and the little heart shapes were adorable!

    :) Missy

  2. Totally agree - We stay away from the Cinnamon Fire Balls for sure, but the Honey and Cherry Lovers are a favorite. Plus the little Jelly Bean flavor guides they hand out are very helpful! Mollie likes to match up the watermelon and cotton candy ones. We're pretty maxed out on Skittles, Starburst and Dum Dums so this is a nice new alternative.